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Repair your credit the right way with debt management.

Get a FREE credit and debt management evaluation now!


The lender checks your credit to make a lending decision when you:

-apply for a credit card. 

-apply for an auto loan. 

-apply for a home mortgage.

You may already know that, but did you know that it’s considered a hard pull and can reduce your credit score?

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Proper Debt management and credit repair can help:


-Charge offs        




-Financial Plans

-Medical Bills

-Tax Liens


(all cases vary in needs.)

53 million Americans suffer from Debt and Bad Credit?

The unfortunate truth is...


lenders don't want you to be in control of your finances.

(it's how they make money)


Download our free eBook!
Debunking 5 Myths about Credit Repair

No fluff, just facts about debt management, credit, and credit repair.


Here are some quick credit facts that

everyone should know:

The Fair Credit Reporting Act gives you the right to dispute ANY item on your credit reports.

The average interest rate payday loans in the US is 391%

Consolidation scams are everywhere; you don't want to put your finances in the wrong hands.

The World Wide Web is wonderful and full of extremely helpful information. Unfortunately, it is also filled with a lot of inaccurate information, not to mention an unlimited number of companies posing as experts who are nothing short of fraudulent.


Now, more than ever, we have the ability to answer our own questions with just the click of a button; depending on the topic, this can be helpful or very dangerous.


Also, If you don't have the industry knowledge and experience, it is difficult to decipher between what is true and what is too good to be true.

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Request a FREE Consultation

 We offer free consultations, either by phone or Zoom, to discuss your current goals and concerns about your credit. We can provide you with the best options for you based on your unique situation and let you know how we can help you turn your financial dreams into a reality.

Don't let your financial situation control what you can and can't do.

It's time for YOU to be in control.


Get your free consultation:

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Paul Silva,
President of Elite Cabinetry, Inc.

 One of the credit bureaus was reporting a lot lower than the other two and it was creating problems for me.  During my free evaluation DTR Credit Repair showed me the problems that were causing my score to be low. After hiring them, they went right to work and fixed them for me.  I was thrilled when 2 weeks later the lowest score had increased by 67 points, which got me over the threshold andI was able to complete my business deal. 

Thank you, DTR Credit Repair!

Judy Brooks,
Owner of Keep it Clean 

I had no idea all the incorrect Information that was on my credit report. There was misspellings of my name, wrong addresses, and debt that I had paid off and the creditors never removed it. DTR Credit Repair knew exactly what to do. Now I have a 750 and looking forward to the financial freedom they have provided my family and I. 

Paul Roark,
Vice President of Pacific Physicians 

My free evaluation gave me so much insight on what was causing negative and derogatory marks on my credit. I was able to get my score high enough to save money on my car insurance, car payment, and was able to refinance for better interest rate. 

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